Lynchburg Gutter Cleaning Service

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Lynchburg Gutter Cleaning Service

Your gutters play a large role in the storm water management of your home. Keeping them clean and in good repair is vital to keeping water from penetrating the interior of your home. Leaves and debris collect in your gutters and clog your downspouts causing water to back up and overflow. This will not only rot your eaves, the water soaking the ground around your foundation makes it much more likely that water will penetrate your basement. Let us help so you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that a competent professional will automatically come to your home twice a year and thoroughly clean your gutters and downspouts without you having to call. We will repair and tighten minor issues of your gutters at no additional charge and will bring any larger issues to your attention to be taken care of at your direction. Use a professional and know the job has been done correctly.

When we clean your gutters, we will:

-Thoroughly clean your roof, the valleys, the flashing, and all the downspouts.

-Check the condition of your roof, the flashing and all the vent boots for any signs of water intrusion.

-If there are trees around your home, we will make sure you have at least 3-4’ clearance from your roof and gutter system, we will trim any that need trimming.

-Check the gable vents and eaves for any signs of pest or animal nesting or intrusion.

-Flush your gutter system as needed and carefully clean up and bag all the debris that we cleaned from your gutters and roof.

-Tighten and adjust any minor issues we might have found with your gutters and we’ll re- caulk any cracked caulking we found on your flashing all at no extra charge.

-Leave you an invoice on your front door that will give an account of any minor issues we fixed and will bring to your attention any more major issues (if there were any), that we encountered, along with our recommended solution.
Customer Service Satisfaction Guarantee:
"We guarantee all service and construction related
work to the customer's satisfaction or the service is free."